1. PCR
  2. Pulse field gel electrophoresis
  3. Western blotting
  4. DNA sequencing
  5. Proteomics
  6. Cell line culture
  7. Flowcytometry


  1. Malaria, Filariasis, Japanese encephalitis, Dengue
  2. ELISA based HIV diagnosis
  3. Trematode infections and other intestinal parasites
  4. Haemoglobinopathies and related blood disorders
  5. Microbiology lab for isolation, identification and drug sensitivity testing for Staphylococcus, enteric bacteria and tuberculosis
  6. Xenodiagnosis of arboviral infection in mosquitoes
  7. Human influenza virus


  1. Mosquitoes
  2. Trematodes of public health importance


  1. Mosquito ecology and vector biology
  2. Insecticide bioassays
  3. Mosquito sporozoite ELISA
  4. Mosquito blood meal analysis
  5. Mosquito sibling species identification
  6. Vector control


  1. Well equipped Biochemistry laboratory with anions, cations estimation,autoanalyzer, HPLC, variant system
  2. Mutagenicity testing with eukaryotic and prokaryotic models
  3. Facility for cardiovascular diseases investigations

Support services

  1. Well equipped animal experimentation facility with CPCSEA recognizedAnimal house
  2. Mosquito colony
  3. Good library and other IT facilities
  4. Medicinal plant garden
  5. BSL-III  Laboratory for handling highly infectious material
  6. Well equipped auditorium for hosting meetings, conferences
  7. Liquid Nitrogen plant


  1. Summer course/hand on trainings to graduate/post graduate students
  2. Training in Malariology and Japanese Encephalitis for Medical Officers and  Laboratory Technicians

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